Rule 290-2-6-.16. Medical Day Care Services.

Georgia Administrative Code




Current through Rules and Regulations filed through September 15, 2020

Rule 290-2-6-.16. Medical Day Care Services

(1) General Requirements. A licensed center may provide a comprehensive program of medical day care services for medically fragile children whose known health or medical support needs can be met by the center in accordance with its program purpose and program description.
(a) Children admitted to a center for the purpose of receiving medical day care services shall be provided services in accordance with all the requirements in Rules 290-2-6-.01 through 290-2-6-.10, Rule 290-2-6-.16 and Rules 290-2-6-.18 through 290-2-6-.27, respectively.
(b) The center shall develop, implement and comply with written policies and procedures that describe the range of medical day care services and the manner in which such services will be provided.
1. Medical day care services are to be limited to no more than twelve consecutive hours per day, per child.
2. The maximum number of children for whom a center may provide medical day care services together with those receiving transition care and respite care services shall not exceed the center's capacity requirements set forth in Rule .05(7).
(c) During a child's residency at a center for medical day care services, the center shall make arrangements to ensure that the child's educational needs are met.
(d) The request for admission to a center for medical day care services may be made by a medically fragile child's caregiver, parents, guardians, custodians, or persons serving in loco parentis.
(e) Emergency discharges are authorized when the health and safety of the child or other children at the center might be endangered by the child's further placement in the center.
(2) Medical Day Care Health Services. Children admitted for medical day care services shall receive timely, qualified health services as needed or in the same manner normally received when living in their usual environment or place of residence.
(a) The center shall document written orders for the skilled nursing services, medications and other treatments provided to children while at the center to receive medical day care services.
(b) Eachchild admitted for medical day care services shall either arrive at the center with a health service plan or have a health service plan developed upon admission as detailed in Rule .12(1).
(c) The child's plan shall be updated by the RN whenever the child experiences a significant change in condition.
(d) Upon admission to a center for medical day care services, a general physical examination of the child shall be provided by a medical doctor, physician's assistant, or public health department, unless the child had such examination within one year prior to admission and the center has documentation of the examination.
(e) The general physical examination shall include the basic diagnostic laboratory work indicated in Rule .12(1)(b)2.
(3) Case Records. Each child admitted for medical day care shall have a case record that includes, at a minimum, the following information:
(a) Identifying information for the child such as name, sex, and birth date or age;
(b) Local emergency contact information for the primary caregivers, parents, guardians, custodians, or persons serving in loco parentis such as name, address and phone number(s);
(c) Name, address and phone number of the primary physician involved in the child's care;
(d) Current medical history with sufficient information to document the child's medical diagnosis and to establish a basis upon which treatment is provided; and
(e) Records of behavior management, emergency safety interventions and written grievances as outlined in Rules .19 and .20.

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Authority: O.C.G.A. Secs. 49-5-3, 49-5-8, 49-5-12.

History. Original Rule entitled "Medical Day Care Services" adopted. F. Jan. 27, 2009; eff. Feb. 16, 2009.