§ 31-27-4. Additional requirements for issuance of permit; denial, suspension, or revocation.


Title 31. HEALTH


Current through 2019-2020 Chapter 609

§ 31-27-4. Additional requirements for issuance of permit; denial, suspension, or revocation

(a) Prior to the issuance of a permit, the applicant must:
(1) Provide a plan for limiting attendance, including methods of entering the area, number and location of ticket booths and entrances, and provisions for keeping nonticket holders out of the area;
(2) Provide a statement verifying that all construction and installation of facilities, including water supply, sewage disposal, insect control, food service equipment, and garbage handling facilities, will be completed at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the event;
(3) Provide a detailed plan for food service, including a description of food sources, menu, mandatory use of single service dishes and utensils, refrigeration, and food handling and dispensing;
(4) Provide a detailed plan for use of signs to locate all facilities and roadways;
(5) Provide a statement from local fire and police authorities having jurisdiction over the area acknowledging that they can supply adequate security, traffic control, and law enforcement for the proposed gathering;
(6) Provide a detailed plan for emergency situations covering:
(A) Food supplies;
(B) Medical supplies, facilities, and personnel;
(C) An evacuation plan; and
(D) Emergency access roads;
(7) Provide a statement from the local civil defense director, if there is such an officer, indicating that he has been advised of the event and has approved the plan from a civil defense standpoint; and
(8) Provide a command post to be used by department personnel consisting of a minimum of one building or trailer equipped with an adequate communication system.
(b) If it appears necessary and proper that an application for a permit be denied or that a permit previously granted be suspended or revoked, the applicant or holder of the permit shall be notified thereof in writing and shall be afforded an opportunity for hearing as provided in Article 1 of Chapter 5 of this title.

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