§ 33-23-13. Temporary licenses.





Current through 2019 Chapter 321

§ 33-23-13. Temporary licenses

(a) In the event of the death of an agent or limited subagent, including a temporary agent or limited subagent, or the inability to act as an agent or limited subagent by reason of service in the armed services of the United States, illness or other disability, or termination of appointment by the insurer, if there is no other individual connected with the agency who is licensed as an agent or limited subagent in regard to insurance of the classification transacted by the agent or limited subagent deceased or unable to act, the Commissioner may issue a temporary license as agent or limited subagent in regard to insurance of such classification to an employee of the agency, to a member of the family of said former agent or limited subagent, or to some associate or to a guardian, receiver, executor, or administrator for the purpose of continuing or winding up the business affairs of the agent, limited subagent, or agency. A temporary license shall be issued only to an applicant who has filed a sworn application upon forms prescribed by the Commissioner. The applicant shall not be required to meet the requirements as to examination, residence, and education required for licensing of agents or limited subagents other than temporary agents. If the Commissioner deems the applicant to be qualified for a temporary license, the Commissioner shall issue the license.
(b) A temporary license may be issued to an individual at the request of an insurer for the purposes of training such individual to act as an agent; provided, however, such individual must perform his or her duties under the supervision of an individual licensed under this article. The Commissioner may prescribe by rules or regulations such further restrictions on such temporary licenses as may be necessary for the protection of the public.
(c) A license issued pursuant to this Code section shall be effective for six months, renewable from time to time for renewal periods of three months in the discretion of the Commissioner; but in no event shall such renewal or any other temporary license of renewal with reference to the same matter extend to a time more than 15 months after the date of the first issuance of a temporary license in such matter.
(d) A temporary license issued pursuant to subsection (a) of this Code section shall authorize the negotiation of renewal policies, the receipt and collection of premiums, and such other acts as are necessary to the continuance of the particular insurance business of the agent or limited subagent. The license shall not authorize the holder thereof to sell, solicit, or negotiate new insurance accounts.
(e) As to any application for a temporary agent's license pursuant to subsection (b) of this Code section, the Commissioner shall require as part of the application a certificate of the insurer proposed to be represented. The certificate shall state, relative to the applicant's character, including criminal background, identity, residence, experience, and instruction as to the kinds of insurance to be transacted, that the insurer is satisfied that such applicant is trustworthy and qualified to act as its temporary agent and to hold himself or herself out in good faith to the general public as a temporary agent and the fact that the insurer desires that the applicant be licensed as a temporary agent to represent it in this state.

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