§ 33-23-5. Qualifications and requirements for license.





Current through 2019 Chapter 321

§ 33-23-5. Qualifications and requirements for license

(a) For the protection of the people of this state, the Commissioner shall not issue, continue, or permit to exist any license, except in compliance with this chapter and except as provided in Code Sections 33-23-3, 33-23-4, 33-23-12, 33-23-13, 33-23-14, 33-23-16, 33-23-17, 33-23-29, 33-23-29.1, and 33-23-37. The Commissioner shall not issue a license to any individual applicant for a license who does not meet or conform to qualifications or requirements set forth in paragraphs (1) through (7) of this subsection:
(1) The individual applicant shall be a resident of this state who shall reside and be present within this state for at least six months of every year or an individual whose principal place of business is within this state; provided, however, that in cities, towns, or trade areas, either unincorporated or composed of two or more incorporated cities or towns, located partly within and partly outside this state, requirements as to residence and principal place of business shall be deemed met if the residence or place of business is located in any part of the city, town, or trade area and if the other state in which the city, town, or trade area is located in part has established like requirements as to residence and place of business. The individual applying for an agent, adjuster, or counselor license shall be at least 18 years of age;
(2) If applying for an agent's license for property and casualty insurance, the applicant shall not use or intend to use such license for the purpose of obtaining a rebate or commission upon controlled business; and the applicant shall not in any calendar year effect controlled business that will aggregate as much as 25 percent of the volume of insurance effected by such applicant during such year, as measured by the comparative amounts of premiums;
(3) The individual applicant shall be of good character;
(4) The individual applicant shall pass any written examination required for the license by this article, provided that:
(A) An individual who applies for an insurance agent's license in this state who was previously licensed for the same lines of authority in another state shall not be required to complete any prelicensing education or examination. This exemption shall only be available if the individual is currently licensed in that state or if the application is received within 90 days of the cancellation of the applicant's previous license and if the prior state issues a certification that, at the time of cancellation, the applicant was in good standing in that state or the state's producer data base records maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, its affiliates, or subsidiaries indicate that the agent is or was licensed in good standing for the line of authority requested; and
(B) An individual licensed as an insurance agent in another state who moves to this state shall make application within 90 days of establishing legal residence to become a resident licensee pursuant to Code Section 33-23-8. No prelicensing education or examination shall be required of that individual to obtain a license for any line of authority previously held in the prior state except where the Commissioner determines otherwise by rule or regulation;
(5) If applying for a license as counselor, the applicant shall show that he or she either has had five years' experience as an agent, subagent, or adjuster or in some other phase of the insurance business or has sufficient teaching or educational qualifications or experience which, in the opinion of the Commissioner, has qualified the applicant to act as such counselor; and the applicant shall pass such examination as shall be required by the Commissioner unless such applicant is exempted by the Commissioner, based on the applicant's experience and qualifications and pursuant to a regulation adopted by the Commissioner;
(6) If applying for an agent's license, limited subagent's license, or adjuster's license, no applicant shall be qualified therefor or be so licensed unless he or she has successfully completed classroom courses in insurance satisfactory to the Commissioner at a school which has been approved by the Commissioner; and
(7) The Commissioner shall by rule or regulation establish criteria and procedures for the scope of prelicensing requirements and exemptions, if any, to the prelicensing or examination requirements.
(b) An individual who was licensed as an agent, counselor, limited subagent, surplus line broker, or adjuster at the time such individual was employed by the Commissioner and who while so employed was employed in responsible insurance duties as a full-time bona fide employee shall be permitted to reinstate his or her license upon termination of employment if written request is made within 90 days after the date of termination of employment with the Commissioner.
(c) Active licensees who apply for additional licenses and individuals who apply for the reinstatement of a license prior to six months from the license expiration date shall not be required to submit fingerprints pursuant to Code Section 33-23-5.1.
(d) Notwithstanding paragraph (1) of subsection (a) of this Code section, no resident of Canada may be licensed as an independent adjuster pursuant to this Code section or designate Georgia as his or her home state unless such person has successfully passed the adjuster examination and has complied with other applicable portions of this Code section.

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