§ 260.42. Notification requirement for hazardous secondary materials.

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 40. Protection of Environment


Subchapter I. SOLID WASTES



Current through July 3, 2019

§ 260.42. Notification requirement for hazardous secondary materials

(a) Facilities managing hazardous secondary materials under §§260.30, 261.4, 261.4(a)(24), or 261.4 must send a notification prior to operating under the regulatory provision and by March 1 of each even-numbered year thereafter to the Regional Administrator using EPA Form 8700-12 that includes the following information:
(1) The name, address, and EPA ID number (if applicable) of the facility;
(2) The name and telephone number of a contact person;
(3) The NAICS code of the facility;
(4) The regulation under which the hazardous secondary materials will be managed;
(5) When the facility began or expects to begin managing the hazardous secondary materials in accordance with the regulation;
(6) A list of hazardous secondary materials that will be managed according to the regulation (reported as the EPA hazardous waste numbers that would apply if the hazardous secondary materials were managed as hazardous wastes);
(7) For each hazardous secondary material, whether the hazardous secondary material, or any portion thereof, will be managed in a land-based unit;
(8) The quantity of each hazardous secondary material to be managed annually; and
(9) The certification (included in EPA Form 8700-12) signed and dated by an authorized representative of the facility.\
(b) If a facility managing hazardous secondary materials has submitted a notification, but then subsequently stops managing hazardous secondary materials in accordance with the regulation(s) listed above, the facility must notify the Regional Administrator within thirty (30) days using EPA Form 8700-12. For purposes of this section, a facility has stopped managing hazardous secondary materials if the facility no longer generates, manages and/or reclaims hazardous secondary materials under the regulation(s) above and does not expect to manage any amount of hazardous secondary materials for at least 1 year.

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History. 73 FR 64759, Oct. 30, 2008, as amended at 80 FR 1772, Jan. 13, 2015